Spring Wind (2014) - Click on a song title to view the lyrics 1. Spring Wind 8. Megan’s Lament 2. One More Time 9. Walk Away 3. Almost Didn’t See You There 10. Menai 4. Katie Moon 11. No Place To Cry 5. Jupiter 12. Harbor 6. Teddy Let Me Take You Home 13. Screamin’ Yellow Thunder 7. Wake Up Jenny 14. Spring Wind (acoustic) All Things Flow (2009) - Click on a song title to view the lyrics 1. H.J. 7. Please Ms. Tease 2. All Things Flow 8. About You 3. I’m Too Cool 9. Prairie Winds 4. Shining Blue 10. Beat That Devil 5. Kenny 11. Home Cookin’ 6. Don’t You 12. Macon Jones 1. Spring Wind 2. Teddy Let Me Take You Home 3. Screamin’ Yellow Thunder 4. Kenny 5. I’m Too Cool (Don Thorp - lead vocal) 6. All Things Flow (Susan Peck - keyboards) NOTE: If the Flash music player does not work for you, click here to open an alternative music player. Note: The Flow does not license its original songs through ASCAP or any other performing rights  organization in protest of their unfair treatment of small businesses.  Please feel free to use or  perform our music.  If there is significant profit involved, please contact us and we'll work  something out.
Original Willamette Valley Rock ‘n’ Roll

The Flow is a GO!

It is rare to come across a new album  bursting with great vocals, blistering  instrumentals and interesting  arrangements. Rarer still to find this  all combined with great songs. But  this is what the Flow has managed to  do in their debut album ‘All Things  Flow.’ The songs are about  something, with clever lyrics, strong  themes and interesting melodies.  They range from kick ass rock and roll to delicate ballads. I liked the album  so much, I hired the band! - Neal Gladstone

Spring Wind & All Things Flow

Available online at CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.  Also available at Grass Roots Books & Music in Corvallis
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